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Top 5 Anime Series You Must Watch

Anime Series

You might love watching anime, which is the same reason that made you read this particular article. Anime series is nothing but a series of works by the same characters acting. These actors are related to one another in various ways and the story will have a basic theme. Some people forget the fact that anime is not a cartoon. If you love watching anime and is considering beginning to watch, we are here to help. In the below post we have included some of the legendary anime series you may love watching. Breaking the suspense, let us dive right into some action-filled pleasant anime series.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is otherwise known as the most appreciated series by the series lovers around the world. It is also known as the big three. One will get hold of fun-filled hilarious sequences with fight scenes and love from the series. There are also some heartfelt scenes which will make you wonderstruck. As the main protagonist gets older with age and wise, he is seen to face many challenges in his life along with the shadows. It is also known as the best anime voted by the series lovers around the world.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Superhero related series and movies are the ones that will never drain from the series and art world. My Hero Academia can be put under the same genre. The main character named Izuku Midoriya does not have superpowers, but later we realize that the hero is destined to save a lot of his loved ones and other people. Even though the hero is struggling to withstand in a society with abilities, each time he learns new tactics to save the people, the story gets tougher and rough making it difficult for Izuku Midoriya. He is on his way to find meaning in his life by saving a lot of folks in the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena is known as the most amazing and stylish anime of the anime world. The anime is filled with amazing design and pleasant music that makes the viewers fall in love with the series. It consists of 39 episodes and is a complete package of actions and romance. The storyline is of the Utena Tenjou is a tomboy who loves her girls and is very popular in the academy she studies. She believes that she can become a prince one day and is found to be tangled in the machinations of the academy student council. The anime is a complete mix of ecstasy and awe, filled passion.

Ranma ½

Ranma ½

Even though the anime is not very popular at present, when it was televised in the early day, the anime was quite popular. It is slapstick comedy anime, and who doesn’t is love watching comedy and hilarious scenes? Even though there are many scenes where the storyline gets absurd with comedy, the series is a must-watch.

Dragon Ball Z

The last one on the list is none other than the legendary masterpiece, Dragon Ball Z! It is one kind of anime that is favored by many youngsters who are in love with anime series. The storyline is simple and not complicated. It is about a martial art superhero named Goku, and the rest of the story aligns with and around him.

Why do People of All Ages Love Pokémon?


Short for pocket monsters, this Japanese series is known to have a fan base around the world. Pokémon is enjoyed by people of all ages alike. It was in the late 90s the legendary Pokémon was released to the world. It was an era where the internet has not been a major niche. The moment it was released to date, Pokémon saw various platforms from series, movies, games, to cartoons as well. The creator of the Pokémon believed that the players would love exchanging and playing the game, but to his surprise, the artist saw a tremendous change where the game was highly embraced by the audience. In this article, we will see why Pokémon is appreciated by a lot of people worldwide. There are a lot of reasons why one loves to watch anime and Pokémon series; we will be discussing that one by one below. Without much ado let us go right into the article.

  1. If you consider comparing every other video game from shooting to role-playing games, you will notice that the graphic content is very great but you can distinguish them from the 1990s games just by noticing their fan base. At present, while creating better video games the software developers look more into the video quality and the content. Whereas, in Pokémon; you can see a variation from 2D to 3D by creating the best of the games to its audience. These developers might put a tiny bit of change in the games but not leaving the entire spirit.
  2. In a present-day scenario; be it COD or PubG, multiplayer is the true essence that makes the game lively and engaged. But, most of them don’t know that the first-ever multiplayer game was none other than the GameBoy’s Link Cable and Pokémon battles. It was not that popular in the 90s but, later the idea was remade and sold in the form of Xbox Live which was embraced by the players around the world alike.

Love Pokémon

  1. Like mentioned before is a great game for the players. One thing we don’t know about the game is that it is a micromanagement platform. While playing the game, you will be provided with many pocket monsters that have various skills and enormous ability. You can play the game over and over again and you can change the monsters available each time to shift the game or play again. This peculiar feature makes the game more engaged and lively.
  2. At present, you can observe a lot of game play videos provided by many channels on Youtube. Each of these platforms is unique and different in their peculiar way. You can even access to watch the Pokémon and get an experience of what the game is all about from the same medium.
  3. There are many games you can play irrespective of age. There are also games that one can play only if you are above 18+ like PubG and COD. But, all kinds of people of all ages across the world love playing Pokémon due to its amazing feature and storyline. Pokémon game is something you must try no matter what.

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